Specialized Foot Care

Laser foot thearpyThe Wilson Foot Health Clinic offers many specialized foot treatment options including:

technologically advanced treatment modalities like Medical for Nail Fungus and Plantar Warts and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Ultra Sound for Plantar Fasciitis; Heel Spurs; Achilles Tendonitis; Neuroma and leading edge Nail Surgery.


We constantly strive to offer the most effective solutions for medical foot ailments and injuries.

Fungal Nail Disease

Fungal Nail Disease cured at the Wilson Foot ClinicThe Fotona XP Focus medical laser safely and effectively eradicates fungal nail disease. 


This is the least invasive treatment option available and is a simple, painless three step procedure lasting about 20 minutes.The laser causes only mild, tolerable warming sensation. There are no unwanted side effects. There is no oral medication required.( Oral medication does have a number of potentially serious side effects including toxicity to your liver.)

The treatment is fast: usually once a week for 4 weeks. Clinical studies show that laser can treat this challenging nail condition with an unprecedented 83%-94% success rate ! The laser treatment does not just stop or slow fungal infection - it eradicates fungal nail disease!  The parasitic fungi in the infected nails are safely destroyed with exposure to repetitive increases in temperature.


The warming of the irradiated fungal cells causes the fungal cell proteins to become denatured and die.  The fungi ceases reproduction and growth.  Clearing of the nails occurs as fresh, new nail growth occurs.   Clearing of nails can be visible weeks after your last treatment. Rid yourself of this unsightly condition with laser treatments at the Wilson Foot Health Clinic.  No referral is necessary. 

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Highest success rate available today (83% to 93%) eradicating nail fungus

  • No oral medication
  • Pain free patient friendly
  • Non invasive
  • Fast treatment
  • Clearing of nails starts within weeks



Laser Therapy for Foot Health

Laser XP Focus laser treatmentMedical Laser

The Wilson Foot Health Care Clinic is proud to offer our patients safe and effective laser treatments using the latest Fotona Medical Laser with its patented VSP Nd Yag technology.  This is a non-invasive, reliable treatment method that is designed to eradicate fungal nail disease as well as plantar warts. Learn more about laser treatments.


Shock wave therapy

Shockwave therapy is a breakthrough treatment method that helps over 90% of treated patients experience a reduction in pain.  Shockwave therapy is a painless, technologically advanced treatment that is often used for patients that suffer from heel pain, Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. 


This is one of the best ways to treat foot injuries. At the Wilson Foot Health Clinic we use the leading German medical engineered Richard Wolf Piezoson 100 system to treat our patients suffering from heel and arch pain, tendinitis and other conditions. Learn more about shock wave therapy


CUSTOM Made Prescription FOOT Orthotics (‘ORTHOSES”)

When you get your custom foot orthotics prescribed from a Registered Chiropodist you encounter a true Specialist, you get expert attention and advice through every stage of the process, from assessing the case professionally to dispensing the device.  


Peter Wilson is a Registered Chiropodist who is trained to spot and treat many foot and ankle issues.  He offers years over 33 years of experience, including teaching orthotics to other health professionals and treating patients requiring corrective footwear.


Our orthotics are specified to exacting high standards, using the finest quality materials and highest technical standards at the laboratory.  Learn more about prescription custom foot orthotics.

Diabetic foot treatmentDiabetic Foot Clinic

Diabetes and its complications such as neuropathy (numbness, pins and needles and sometimes burning or other sensations) and impaired blood circulation in the hands and feet can result in ulceration, infections and possibly amputation.


To avoid these tragic consequences it is imperative that the diabetic patient receives proper advice, foot health education and appropriate foot care. 


Arthritis foot care at the Burlington foot clinic

Arthritis Care

Many forms of arthritis including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis frequently manifest themselves in the foot and can be managed with a combination of specialized (soft) orthotic therapy, debridement of corns and calluses and custom footwear.

Neurological and Circulatory foot treatment Burlington Neurological and Circulatory

These diseases and their complications in the foot can be treated to relieve symptoms using combinations of therapies mentioned previously.



Sports medicine for athletes in Burlington, Ontairo

Sports Medicine

Recreational and more serious participants involved with running or other sports can be assessed for biome- chanical and foot functional problems and treated for sports related foot issues.



The Wilson Foot Health Clinic offers routine care as well as treatment for comment ailments including callus, corns, ulcers and ingrown toenails.  Learn more about diabetic foot care.


Experience exceptional medical foot assessment and treatment at the Wilson Foot Health Clinic.  Owner, Peter Wilson, is a registered Chiropodist and foot specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience.  New patients are welcome and no referral is necessary.