Family Foot Care

Family beach run showing feetFamily Foot Care

At the Wilson Foot Health Clinic, we treat all types of foot conditions from the very young to the very old.  Feet are for life and taking proper care of your feet is necessary throughout the life cycle. 


We offer leading edge treatments using laser podiatry for many common conditions including plantar warts and nail fungus.  We also specialize in diabetic foot care and custom, prescription orthotics.


No referral is necessary to come to our clinic.  We offer complete assessments and the most effective, painless treatments available.  Some of the family foot care we provide are for the following conditions:

Aging Feet

Aging Feet – Aging feet naturally develop more problems because the skin tends to thin, healing takes longer, and arthritis can set in from wear and tear. However painful, uncomfortable feet are not a natural part of growing old or “something to put up with”. A lot can be done to improve comfort, relieve pain and maintain mobility.


Arthritic Foot Pain – Joint Pain

Couple with arthritic foot painArthritis is the acute or chronic inflammation of a joint.    Osteoarthritis can affect the foot, particularly the big toe, and can result from ‘wear and tear’ or can follow trauma to the foot in the form of a fracture or bad sprain. 


Stiff and swollen joints can also be caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, and often results in bunions or other foot conditions. 


We treat the bunions, corns, thick nails, calluses or ulcers that may result and can prescribe custom orthopedic footwear that will help alleviate the pressure to affected regions of the foot.


Children's Foot Health

Children’s Foot Health – Children’s developing feet can suffer with a variety of health issues such as:

  • Plantar Warts
  • In-toing or Out-toing
  • Pediatric foot care in Burlington Ontario for young toes and feet.Toe waking
  • Curling misaligned toes,
  • Inward roll of the foot
  • Flat foot
  • Knock knees

Certain skeletal structural issues causing misalignment of the foot, which can lead to problems in the ankles, knees, hips and back. Ingrown nails which result from improper fitting footwear or improper nail clipping.


Your foot specialist can also advise on footwear and fitting for the child’s foot structure.

Children can often suffer soft tissue injuries in the feet due to sports injuries.  This can cause pain, soft tissue damage and biomechanical dysfunction or abnormal motion of the foot and ankle. Other conditions that result from gym mats, swimming pools and other sport facilities are plantar warts and skin fungus.